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Vaccine for cats against Infectious Panleucopenia

Indication: for the prevention of Infectious Panleucopenia (feline enteritis) in cats caused by parvovirus.


  • Modified live vaccine against Infectious Panleucopenia
  • Strain: PLI-IV
  • No antiseptic or adjuvant
  • Antigen content: 10 3 CCID 50

Panleucopaenia is similar to parvovirus in dogs, and the signs are very similar. If the mother is infected when pregnant, the kittens may be stillborn or suffer birth defects and brain damage. In young kittens, the disease often causes sudden death or severe and bloody diarrhea.

The virus is extremely infectious and hard to destroy with normal household disinfectants. It is easily carried into the home on shoes and clothes and can contaminate any household.

Vaccination can provide complete protection, and also reduce the shedding of virus into the environment, thus preventing further spread of the disease.

Vaccination Program:

Primary vaccination:

< 3 months of age: 2 injections - at 6-8 weeks of age and at 12 weeks of age

> 3 months of age: 1 injection only

Booster: Annually

Trial Results:

  • Persistence of immunity is at least 3 years
  • Cats are protected against a virulent challenge 3 days after vaccination
  • Cats introduced in Panleucopenia contaminated environment are protected on the very day of their vaccination.