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Vaccine for cats against Infectious Panleucopenia, Herpesvirus and Calicivirus respiratory infections

Combination of Feliniffa (P) and Corifelin (HC)

  • Composed of Feliniffa and Corifelin
    • Feliniffa: freeze-dried live vaccine against feline panleucopenia
    • Corifelin: inactivated vaccine in oil adjuvant against feline viral rhinotracheitis (caused by herpesvirus) and feline calicivirus infection
  • Antigen Content:
    • Feline Panleucopenia virus: 103 CCID50
    • Herpesvirus fraction, at least 100 RID* units
    • Purified Calicivirus, at least 1.3 mg

*Radial Immunodiffusion


  • Panleucopenia viral strain: PLI-IV strain
  • Feline Rhinotracheitis viral strain: Herpevirus Type 1 (FHV1), C27
  • Feline Calicivirus: FCV 255


  • Resuspend Feliniffa freeze-dried vaccine with Corifelin
  • Use immediately after reconstitution

Highly effective vaccine against the symptoms of cat 'flu’. Cat 'flu’ is the common name given to two viruses: herpesvirus and calicivirus.

Herpesvirus commonly causes a severe discharge from the eyes and nose, and sometimes ulcers of the eye leading to blindness. In very young or weak cats it may lead to pneumonia and death. It is generally spread by close contact between cats. Once infected, the virus can stay with the animals for the rest of its life, causing repeated bouts of disease.

Calicivirus causes painful ulcers of the tongue, lameness and a generally less severe discharge from eyes and nose. It is resistant to many disinfectants and easily spreads on clothes and cat baskets.

Although no vaccine is 100% effective at preventing infection, LEUCORIFELIN has been shown to significantly reduce the signs and spread of the disease.

Vaccination Program:

Primary vaccination:

< 3 months of age 2 injections - 1 st injection at 8 weeks of age and 2 nd injection at 2-4 weeks later

> 3 months of age : 2 injections – 2 nd injections 2-4 weeks later

Booster: Annually