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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Should I give my dog HEARTGARD Plus year-round to prevent heartworm disease?

A. Yes. Mosquitoes, which are responsible for transmitting heartworm disease, survive all year. This makes monthly prevention important. It is simple to protect your dog with HEARTGARD Plus, a once-a-month tasty beef chewable from Merial. HEARTGARD Plus also treats and controls roundworm and hookworm.

Q. What is FRONTLINE®?

A. FRONTLINE® comes from a new family of insecticides. It contains an innovative molecule (Fipronil) which is effective against ectoparasites in animals.

Q. How does FRONTLINE® work?

A. FRONTLINE® affects specifically the nervous system of ticks and fleas leading to their paralysis and death. However, mammals (dogs, cats, humans,...), remain totally unaffected by its action. This explains FRONTLINE's excellent safety in relation to other insecticides available in the market.

Q. Can I use FRONTLINE® on the cat or small dogs?

A. Yes! As a result of its extreme safety, FRONTLINE ® can be used in cats and very small dogs ( Chihuahua, Yorkshire terrier,...)

Q. Can I treat puppies and kittens?

A. Yes! FRONTLINE® has been tested on puppies as early as 2 days old and on kittens as early as 7 weeks old.

Q. How long does FRONTLINE® protect against re-infestations by fleas and ticks?

A. In dogs, the duration of action of FRONTLINE® is 2 to 3 months against fleas and 1 month against ticks. In cats, its duration of action against fleas is 6 weeks.

Q. How often should I treat my dog with FRONTLINE® to prevent tick infestation?

A. You should treat your dog with FRONTLINE® every month to obtain satisfactory protection. If your dog is subjected to high risks of infestation, you may treat it once every three weeks. If you see fleas on your dog after it has been treated, they've been picked up from the environment after FRONTLINE was applied and they'll be killed.

Q. How often should I treat my dog to prevent flea infestation?

A. This will depend on the severity of the infestation of your dog (whether covered with fleas or otherwise). We should take into account the possible risks that your dogs can be re-infested: the presence of other animals in your dog’s immediate environment, presence of stray animals, a garden, and adverse weather conditions like hot and humid climate. You should treat your dog:
• Every three months, if it lives in an environment with low or moderate risk of infestation.
• Every two months, if it lives in an environment with a high risk of infestation.

Q. How often should I treat my cat to prevent flea infestation?

A. Because of their instinctive behaviour, cats are more easily infested by fleas than dogs. Hence, we recommend that you treat your cat once every 6 weeks.

Q. Is FRONTLINE® safe?

A. With FRONTLINE®, your safety is assured. Furthermore, the droplet size of FRONTLINE® Spray is larger than those found in traditional aerosol sprays therefore preventing the risk of inhalation by you or your pet.
FRONTLINE® is non allergenic. Your children can play with your pet after it has been treated with FRONTLINE® but it is preferable to wait until the fur is dry.