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Hotel Philippine Plaza, Pasay City, Philippines- Merial Philippines, Inc. (MPI) participated in the recently concluded 74th Annual Scientific Conference and Centennial Celebration of the Philippine Veterinary Medical Association Convention held at the Hotel Philippine Plaza on February 21- 23, 2007. The theme for this year's convention is "The FILIPINO Veterinarian: A Century Ago, a Century to Go!" The booth at the convention was shared by the three main business units of MPI: Avian, Companion Animal and Swine. Several product brochures and corporate giveaways such as Merial desk calendar, ballpens, keychains were distributed to the veterinarians visiting the MPI booth. A lot of veterinarians and guests also had a great time playing the "Steady Hand Game", which lets the guests enjoy the game and at the same time focus their attention to FRONTLINE PLUS, a new product recently introduced by COMPANION ANIMAL BUSINESS. The Convention was also a great time to spend with several key clients and renew ties with colleagues in the profession whom we rarely had the chance to meet. Various biological and veterinary medicine companies also set- up booth during the said convention.

The AVIAN BUSINESS for its part displayed the GALLIMUNE RANGE and the GALLIVAC IB 88 banner. Gallimune Range and Gallivac IB 88 brochures were distributed also. For the SWINE BUSINESS, Dr. Henry Too who is the Regional Technical Manager for Asia presented a scientific paper on Porcine Circovirus Disease (PCVD), an emerging disease in swine. It is part of the Swine Business' initial efforts of introducing and launching the CIRCOVAC in the country. With this new product, MERIAL once again proved that the company is in the forefront of developing products that will greatly benefit the health and productivity of animals.

Shown in the picture above are Mr. Peter Martinez (Area Sales Manager, Dr. Apple Nagera (Regulatory Affairs Officer), Dr. Junel Castillo (TSR Avian- North Luzon) Also seen in the background is the MERIAL Mural which showcases selected products of the three main businesses.

Shown in the picture above (left to right): Mr. Peter Martinez, Dr. Niki Atienza (Technical and Marketing Manager- Avian), Dr. Benet Baysac (TSR- GMA Area), Mr. Mel Francia (TSR- Quezon and Cavite Area), Mr. Mac Acuna (TSR- SMFI and Batangas Area), Dr. Junel Castillo and Dr. Dan Rodriguez (General Manager) manning the MPI booth.

With so much hesitation, Dr. Jun Romo (Avian Business Unit Manager) and Dr. Mico Alano (TSR Pampanga/ Tarlac- Swine) agreed to have a picture taken with some of the MPI guests.