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Manila, Philippines- Amidst all the anticipation, not to mention that the country was battered by two typhoons in a span of five days; Merial Philippines, Inc. Avian Business Unit successfully conducted the 1st Merial Poultry Technical Conference. The event was held at the Ballrooms II and III of the Eastwood Richmonde Hotel on October 3, 2011 and the venue was literally filled to the rafters. Expected attendees were 90 and 120 people showed up. This alone is quite an achievement considering that Monday is a very busy day for most people as most companies hold their operations meetings on this very day of the week.

The Philippine Poultry is reeling from Newcastle Disease (ND) and Infectious Bronchitis (IB) outbreaks. There is a need to provide valuable, accurate and credible technical information to better equip the veterinarians, technical managers, decision makers and farm owners on how to address the problem. This is the situation when the Avian Technical Manager for the Other Asia Cluster, Dr. Michael Lee came up with the idea of bringing in an expert to discuss on ND and IB. After considering all factors, the plan to bring in Dr. Francisco Perozo was finalized. Dr. Perozo is a Professor from the College of Veterinary Medicine from the Zulia University in Venezuela, and he has done extensive research works at the University of Georgia.

To help the industry address the ND and IB problems, Dr. Perozo discussed Newcastle Disease and Infectious Bronchitis from a Global Perspective. The objective is to present what is happening in other major poultry areas and the attendees can then correlate them with their own experiences. Important pointers on what are the health programs that worked can be gathered also; and once and for all establish that the outbreaks are not due to reason that the present vaccines available are not working, contrary to what is being claimed by some sectors. With all these issues clarified, current and future business of our ND and IB vaccines was staunchly defended, especially at a time when competitors are bringing into the market their vectored ND vaccines. To bring further business value, Dr. Perozo also presented interesting Latin America Field and Performance Efficacy Data on the use of VAXXITEK HVT+IBD. He highlighted the increased egg production and reduced mortality in layers and in breeders, as well as the more efficient broiler performance and reduced carcass/ dressing plant condemnation data. To share information much closer to home, Dr. Lee presented on Asian Poultry Health updates, particularly on the Avian Influenza, Newcastle Disease and Infectious Bronchitis situation. He also shared recent research study results that prove that AVINEW, our banner live ND vaccine and a very important product for Merial, is still protecting against ND virus isolated from recent outbreaks.

The 1st Merial Poultry Technical Conference was a resounding success! Our customers are very thankful of the information and knowledge they gained. The success of the conference brings forth to the table the affirmation that the Philippine Poultry Industry truly trusts Merial in helping them address pressing disease problems. When will be the 2nd Merial Poultry Technical Conference is a question that was asked several times as we thank and send off participants.

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Dr. Perozo stresses important points in his presentation on Infectious Bronchitis.