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This product now belongs to Ceva Santé Animale.

Introduced three (3) years ago, Circovac was first positioned for breeder use, until it recently obtained registration from the Bureau of Animal Industry for piglet use. Circovac is now considered as the only licensed PCV2 vaccine for both sows and piglets in the Philippines.

To announce this new development, MPI conducted two separate launches, one in Luzon and another one in Mindanao. These two island groups are major pig-producing areas with many of the pig farms operated on large scale. The Luzon event which was held at Richmonde Hotel, Eastwood Quezon City was well attended by key clients, consultants and government officials. Four (4) speakers were invited to discuss updates on the ill effects of PCV2 & its control. Dr. Romeo Sanchez of the College of Veterinary Medicine, University of the Philippines at Los Banos focused on PCV2 effects on reproductive performance, followed by Dr. Henry Too, Merial Asia's Regional Swine Specialist who discussed the different PCV2 control programs. A guest speaker from Kasetsart University in Thailand - Dr. Pariwat Poolperm shared the success of PCV2 piglet vaccination in his country while Dr. Zoilo Lapus, noted local swine consultant wrapped-up the technical presentations with his discussions on Circovac piglet vaccination experience in the Philippines.

The Davao launch was attended by clients from as far as General Santos City, Cagayan de Oro & Iloilo. The clients were booked at the venue and a small social gathering was held at the hotel after the launch. There were two speakers for this leg; Dr. Henry Too, who this time discussed the effects of PCV2 on reproduction as well as the different PCV2 control programs and Dr. Poolperm who again shared his successful PCV2 piglet vaccination in Thailand.

A very dynamic open forum followed the presentations. It also provided the opportunity for those loyal Circovac users to share their good experiences breeder vaccination. Some of them specifically mentioned the improvement they experienced on reproductive parameters after using Circovac for some time.

Although Circovac now has claim for both sow and piglet, Merial still emphasizes the need to protect the breeders first and foremost - the breeders being the permanent residents in the farm and the usual shedders of PCV2. The piglet vaccination is important under the following conditions:

a. Poor colostral management / piglets have no access to sows

b. First time to implement PCV2 vaccination

c. High viral pressure - while correcting some management procedures.

d. Piglet exportation