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Merial Philippines Inc. (MPI) once again showed its support to the swine industry sector by participating at the 21st Hog Congress and Trade Exhibits held at the prestigious Cebu International Convention Center (CICC) in Cebu City from April 19 – 21.

Merial was one of the 10 minor sponsors that took part in this momentous event with a garden-setting booth display. In one of the plenary sessions, Dr. Henry Too, Merial Asia’s Regional Swine Technical Manager shared his knowledge and experiences regarding one of the important diseases hampering the swine industry today. In his seminar entitled“Impact of PCV2 and PCV2 vaccination on piglets and sow performance”,he cited the effects of PCV2 in breeders and piglets followed by a discussion on the various PCV2 control strategies. Furthermore, Dr. Too stressed that the program should be based onprotecting the whole herdby safeguarding the developing fetuses inside the sow then protecting the piglets until their marketable age.He emphasized how important it is to always include the breeders in the vaccination program since these animals are the permanent residents of the farm;worse is the fact that they are the primary shedders of the virus.

The Three vaccination options are:

  • Assault Program “ For Piglet Protection” Vaccination of piglets from unvaccinated sows
  • Complete Program “ For Maximum Herd Security” Vaccination of both sows and piglets
  • Basic Program “ For the Best Return of Investment” Vaccination of breeder herd only

This 21st Hog Convention was jointly organized by the National Federation of Hog Farmers Inc & the Pork Producers Federation of the Philippines Inc, the two biggest hog groups in the Philippines. This year’s theme“The Power of One: One Industry… One Voice… Fresh Pinoy Pork” aimed to convey solidarity among hog raisers in addressing the escalating problems& challenges of the swine industry.

Dr. Henry Too (Technical Manager for Asia Pacific – Swine) discussed the impact of PCV2 and PCV2 vaccination on sow and piglet performance among farm owners, consultants and other partners in the industry.

Coupons were given to those who attended the seminar and an Ipad 2 was raffled-off after. Holding the Ipad 2 is Dr. Gilroy Crisostomo (winner) and at the rightmost is Dr. Generoso M. Romo, Merial’s Country Manager.

Merial’s booth during the national hog convention. A garden setting was chosen to convey relaxation - A PROTECTED HERD typically depicts a “relaxed” farmer.

Clients were treated with free massage in the booth.