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  • Aftopor Monovalent (VBPR No. S-093) / Aftopor Trivalent (VBPR S-036)

    Inactivated FMD vaccine in double-oil-emulsion “DOE”. ...

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  • Akipor 6.3 (VBPR No. S-078)

    Modified live Pseudorabies vaccine, with high content gE deleted Bartha strain in oil adjuvant. A member of “Golden Standard” in Pseudorabies vaccine.​ ...

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  • Geskypur (VBPR No. S-039)

    The only subunit Pseudorabies vaccine, gE deleted, containing immunogenic surface glycoproteins, and devoid of nucleocapsid and DNA, thus maximizing safety and efficacy while preventing possibility of hypersensitivity reactions. ...

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  • Hyoresp (VBPR No. R-554)

    Inactivated vaccine adjuvanted with aluminum hydroxide containing at least 3.00 ELISA U of whole cell Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae. This innovative flexible vaccine can be used to achieve optimal immunization against disease caused by M. hyopneumoniae.​ Click here for product brochure. 99KB, P ...

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  • Neocolipor (VBPR No. R-528)

    E. coli killed bacterin carrying the F4ab, F4ac, F4ad, F5, F6 and F41 attachment antigens in aluminum hydroxide adjuvant. For the prevention of neonatal colibacillosis in piglets by vaccination of pregnant sows and transmission of protective antibodies through colostrums intake.​ Click here for pro ...

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  • Pestiffa (VBPR No. R-189)

    Safest and most potent vaccine available against Hog Cholera (HC). Chinese strain modified live, freeze-dried vaccine produced on heterologous cell line culture. Provides highly effective protection against HC disease, replication & shedding of field virus.​ Click here for product insert ...

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  • Rhiniffa T (VBPR No. R-420)

    Inactivated adjuvanted vaccine against Swine Atrophic Rhinitis, containing toxigenic Bordetella bronchiseptica, type D toxigenic Pasteurella multocida (Pm) and toxid of Pm. ...

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  • Sprintvac MH® (VBPR R-970)

    One-shot vaccine against Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae. It provides dual and long-lasting immunity for optimal protection and a remarkable balance between safety & efficacy. ...

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