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  • Suanovil 20 (VR-1369)

    Spiramycin injection solution for infections due to Mycoplasma and Gram (+) organisms. ...

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  • Ivomec Premix (VRI-94-234) / Ivomec Injection (VR-1447)

    Endectocide antiparasitic of unsurpassed efficacy, quality and safety. For borad spectrum treatment or control of mange mite, lice, and roundworms. Ivomec Injection and Ivomec Premix can both be successfully used in mange and lice eradication programs.​ Click here for Ivomec Premix product data she ...

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  • Biodyl (VR-1683)

    Injection solution containing metabolic constituents (adenosine triphosphoric acid or ATP, magnesium and potassium aspartate, sodium selenite and vitamin B 12) for debility, convalescence and myopathies. ...

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